Wheat & Barley

These grains have been physical and spiritual staples since the time of the Bible. Eaten toasted or ground into flour and baked in hundreds of ways, distilled into alcohol or fermented into beer, it’s hard to imagine life without wheat and barley. But what people may not realize, is what nutritional powerhouses these grains are. Loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber, wheat and barley have been shown to protect against stroke and heart disease by decreasing risk of arterial plaque. They have also demonstrated an ability to reduce the risk of diabetes and obesity be stabilizing metabolism. They can increase bowel health and regularity and decrease the risk of colon cancer. These grains are twin staples of our spiritual diet as well. Wheat represents the ability to reach out beyond our own concerns in order to help others. Barley represents the potential to bring our most selfish desires and tendencies under control.

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