Exotic and mysterious, pomegranates for generations were known mostly in the Middle East and the Orient. But nowadays, if you look closely, you’ll see dozens of products in the supermarket flavored with “pomegranate”. The reason is that modern research has shown absolutely astounding health benefits to pomegranate, and everyone wants it on their label. But of course flavor isn’t enough. For the health benefits, you need real pomegranate. Pomegranate is loaded with hundreds of polyphenol compounds that are only just beginning to be categorized and examined. Pomegranate has been shown in a widely quoted study to actually get rid of existing coronary artery plaque by 35% after a year of taking it daily. There is no prescription medicine that can even come close to this result. In addition, pomegranate shows great potential against cancer, particularly of the prostate. On the spiritual level, pomegranate is a counterpoint to figs. While figs are uniformly sweet and tasty, the sweetness of pomegranates is only in the seeds, which are embedded in the inedible rind. Pomegranate represents the ability to embed in our lives the performance of significant good deeds.

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