What’s so special about this supplement?  Well, it’s from the Bible. Directly from the Bible.  If you open to Deuteronomy 8:8, you’ll see a list of seven fruits— two grains and five from trees or vines. These are mentioned as the unique fruits for which the holy land is blessed.

We believe that the Bible is telling us that these are seven special pathways of holiness and blessing. And so, each of us can become blessed through these fruits as well.

You’ve probably sampled most of them, or maybe even all seven of them at one time or another.  But the Bible specifically combines them together into a single verse.  Our supplement follows this prescription and offers you the opportunity to take all seven fruits together, every day. You get the potential holiness and blessing of the seven Biblical fruits all in one capsule.

Now, here’s something amazing.  In recent years, science has shown all seven of these fruits to be extraordinary superfoods with immense health benefits.  This is not to say that people of faith need any type of proof for heeding God’s Word.  What’s exciting is that modern science has pinpointed some of the specific health benefits that the holy seven can bring us. You can see some of these benefits by clicking on the icons for each of the species.

We have combined all seven fruits into a powdered concentrate, which we then packed into easy to swallow capsules. One bottle provides you with a full month’s supply.

Because so many people today have gluten sensitivity, we used a naturally gluten-free form of the two grains. They’re called  wheat grass and barley grass, which are the wheat and barley  plants before they have produced their seeds. These forms of wheat and barley are loaded with health benefits, with none of the allergy and sensitivity problems of gluten.

We hope that you will enjoy our product and that it will bring extra and even unexpected measures of blessing into your life.  Please keep in touch and let us know your story.