Grapes on the vine are colorfully beautiful. When eaten they are so refreshing and delicious. For centuries grapes have been made into juice or wine and added into countless beverages to enhance and sweeten. Especially in the summer, they are enjoyed just as is— God-given packets of cool, flavorful refreshment. But grapes are also natural factories of super healthful compounds, called polyphenols, that protect the body against inflammation and deterioration. Resveratrol is one of these polyphenols that has gotten a lot of press because of its potential to defend the body against aging, and the mind against dementia. But there are dozens of other healthful polyphenols in grapes as well. Together they pack a powerful nutritional punch. Grapes have been shown to reduce cancer risk, particularly of the lung, uterus, prostate and colon; and to reduce inflammation and lower coronary artery disease risk. On the spiritual level, grapes represent our ability to enjoy what is beautiful in the world in a healthy and appropriate way.

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