The eighth chapter of Deuteronomy describes God’s promise of the Holy Land.  These magnificent verses contain a glorious portrayal of “a good land- a land with brooks and streams and deep springs gushing out into the valleys and hills.”

It has been explained that these verses are not only a description of the holiness of an ancient time and place.  They can be seen also as portraying the elevated life of spiritual success that is possible for us right now.

Verse eight describes “a land with wheat and barley, grapes and figs, pomegranates, olives and (date) honey”.  These are the Bible’s seven special fruits of blessing.

God has placed great spiritual powers into the world. His Word tells us where to find and how to activate these potentials. This verse, Deuteronomy 8:8, is pointing us to a grouping of seven special fruits, which we may understand as master keys to both our physical health and our spiritual well-being.

We see this verse as the Bible’s very own nutritional supplement— a prescription for health and contentment through the Word of the Lord.